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A Boutique Public Relations Firm In Atlanta

Our firm builds and brands an image round the client and raises their profile.  We work with our clients in countless ways, including assisting with social media content, new websites, red carpet preparation, media placements, styling, photoshoots, and highlight articles.

We assist with rebranding veteran actors and marketing fresh faces breaking into the industry! Abelita PR works closely with our clients and their team of Agents and Managers to develop a strategy and plan of action. Our firm strategically markets our clients and diligently creates opportunities within various platforms.

Abelita PR maintains a broad spectrum of clientele ranging from NBC, Universal Kids, Netflix, Nickelodeon, BET, YouTube Red; to award-winning TV and Film Actors!


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Media Relations

Creating press kits. Distributing press releases to a wide-range of contacts. Pitching to media/press. Interview Prep.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Consultation. Social Media Branding. Social Media is where PR is heading—it’s as simple as that.

TV/Film Productions

We provide services as a Unit Publicist for TV/Film Productions


Writing effective and enticing PR materials to push you as a brand


Light endorsement and brand opportunity outreach.

Career Consultation

Options for agency representation, coaching, classes, workshops, audition taping, and headshot photographers. Professional submission package available.

Red Carpet Prep

Red carpet training. Scheduling public appearances and travel.  Assistance with red carpet looks

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Our talent development team provides guidance and consultation for aspiring actors and singers(and their parents).  Our talent development clients have access to industry learning paths and a knowledge bank to help them help demystify breaking into the industry.  

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